"I want to love you for tomorrow
I want to love you for today
but by tomorrow you have gone away
I want to remember all the places
forget all the sorrow
because tomorrow all I will see are unfamiliar faces
the road ahead leaves me hungry
but the taste of tomorrow is bitter
who’s hand will I hold, but my own
who’s burdens will I carry, but my own
tomorrow is a road that could take me in circles
or bring me back to you"

Artist: UnknownKatie and Bryan Torwalt
Title: UnknownNothing Holding Me Back
Album: Unknown
Plays: 2,515

hi friends :D please message me if you live in sanfransisco or portland or anywhere on the west coast and my friend Mat and i can crash at your place for two days in july?

"Meet and greet at church is the worst two minutes of an introvert’s life"

wow please pray for me

so overwhelmed by the amount of the things i need to do in order to move

Lord help me

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"


"how old is ur baby?"

"278.2 days, 16 hours, 39 minutes, and 42 seconds"


im going on tour you guys! here are my tour dates:

  • taco bell: 5:00pm
  • mcdonalds: 5:20pm
  • chipotle: 5:43pm
  • panda express: 6:32pm